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Top 5 things you can do to motivate and inspire people in the workplace

Hold yourself to a high standard

Model exemplary conduct in your everyday life to inspire others to align their behavior with your own and accomplish their goals. To incorporate this strategy, it’s often helpful to define the criteria for your standards.

Consider reflecting in a journal about your previous actions, then determine any areas to improve for the future. It might also be helpful to study the actions of a mentor who may inspire you to hold yourself to higher standards so you can adopt their perspective and demeanor.

For example, you can reflect on how to approach resolving a work situation and determine the most effective way to react. Depending on the type of work you do, it may be helpful to remain calm and attentive to inspire the same reactions in your team. You might also express an enthusiastic and positive demeanor to inspire your team to adopt a similar outlook.

Express empathy

To inspire others to learn the perspectives of other people, you can practice empathy in your interactions. Empathy is a powerful way to create connections that foster inspiration, as it often requires people to validate the emotions of other individuals.

It may be helpful to learn some strategies for emotional intelligence, which is the capability to understand another person’s feelings and determine the best way to

help them. Consider asking people questions about their lives, then offer supportive answers to their responses.

For instance, consider a nonprofit employee giving a presentation about a recent community project at their local library. To inspire individuals in the audience to take action about a cause, the employee might show empathy for their own life circumstances. They can also increase this possibility by holding one-on-one, personalized conversations about the presentation afterward.

Show appreciation

One of the best ways to inspire people is to express gratitude for another person’s conduct after they accomplish a task. If you receive a compliment about a skill or talent you have, you can reference the people in your life who influenced you significantly. This strategy can help you show public enthusiasm for another person, which might inspire them to feel supported in their efforts and motivate them to start new projects.

For example, consider a team celebrating the end of a project together. To inspire the team to approach future projects with enthusiasm, their supervisor expresses appreciation for specific tasks each team member completed and the positive qualities they embodied during the process. If their efforts are successful, the team may feel inspired to brainstorm new ideas for the next project.

Empower others

Empowering others involves offering someone opportunities to exercise their core strengths and increase their overall confidence. You can empower a colleague at work by giving them resources to accomplish their goals or a peer by encouraging them to focus on their capabilities.

People who feel empowered may also feel inspired to try new experiences and make active choices to improve their lives. It may be helpful to use these empowerment techniques in your everyday interactions, particularly if you sometimes mentor other people at work.

For example, consider a teacher at a high school who instructs 12th-grade students in essay composition. To empower their students to increase their writing capabilities, they might include multiple positive comments in their writing feedback and hold discussions about their semester goals. As a result, the students might feel inspired to try new techniques or create their own compositions during their leisure time.

Hold yourself accountable

Holding yourself accountable is an act of reflecting on your own actions and determining ways to improve your conduct. People who hold themselves accountable in the workplace can effectively manage their obligations and better follow up on a colleague’s inquiry or request. By using this strategy, you can inspire people to assess their own responsibilities to align their work efforts.

For example, consider two work colleagues who onboard for a new job on the same day. If they decide to hold each other accountable, they may check in regularly to discuss how they’re learning the company’s protocols, exchange advice and encourage each other to seek new training opportunities. As a result, they might feel inspired to increase their overall work performance.


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