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ANI – Take Advantage of Group Interviews in 2023

Group interviews can be an efficient way to sort through many candidates if done right. But what is a group interview? How can they benefit a franchise by singling out the right candidate? Does it differ from holding 1-on-1 interviews?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the group interview process and questions to ask, helping you decide the most beneficial time to use them.

What are group interviews?

Before we define when and why you should use group interviews, we must go over what one is. A group interview is a meeting format with multiple candidates and one interviewer. During the process, you, as your own boss must decide whether to ask each interviewee a different question or have them all answer the same questions. This allows for filling multiple positions and the ability to directly see who stands out in the crowd.

Another form of a group interview requires you to assemble a team of your choice. Once you have your interviewers and interviewee; each interviewer may ask questions related to specific requirements needed for their department or team.

When should you do a group interview?

Group interviews can help the franchisee owners identify who feels comfortable working around or in front of others. With realistic reflections of what their role may be like when working with others. This can be helpful when the position requires working within/leading groups.

But, of course, as the franchisee owner, this depends on your goals. Group interviews allow you to interview for multiple positions at a time. They can be very flexible, but these are the most common times to take advantage of this interview style. Ensure you track your goals and time for candidates and consider the best interview style for the position.

 Why are group interviews beneficial?

Group interviews allow you to test the skills a candidate tells you instead of relying on their word alone around the capabilities of their management skills, communication, or teamwork. If the role involves leading or working with a team, a group interview will help discover who may lack constructive, collaborative skills.

Group interviews can be a great way to evaluate candidates if you’re looking for a specific type of personality for your role. But as important as skills, qualifications, and experience may be, group interviews provide insight into the candidate’s personality. You will be able to assess how candidates treat others, the awareness of their impact on others, and how they hold/ carry themselves when speaking up in an unfamiliar situation. This will help maximize income potential and overall morale

Questions to ask

Although group interview questions may differ from traditional 1-on-1 interview questions, it’s crucial to identify your chosen style. You could ask multiple candidates the same question to see how their answers differ or swap each question to track their responses.

For multiple interviewers, questions must be tracked to benefit their department or team. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • Why do you believe you’re the best fit for this position?
  • What would your response be to witnessing another co-worker sealing from the company?
  • Based on the questions of the other candidates here, who would you hire? Why?

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