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Showing Thanks Into Our New Year

Operation Knockout has completed over the weekend. On Saturday night, fans were treated to 11 exciting amateur MMA fights at the Circa Hotel in Las Vegas. We were so excited to see so many people make an appearance. And would like to show our appreciation to all those who attended as well as those who donated. All funds raised the night of the event will be going towards helping our veterans and their families.

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to prepare those turkeys! You’ll want to dethaw them thoroughly to ensure you have a perfect centerpiece for your feast. Match your turkey’s weights and save those dates! And remember, a juicy turkey will earn you, “favorite family member.”

For those mouthwatering leftovers this year, here are some fun recipes to “spice things up.”

For those whose Thanksgiving may be a stressful time, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to help you have a conflict-free, relaxing family holiday.

  • Keep the conversation light
    • Enjoy yourself and talk about things you enjoy instead of being drawn into the drama. If someone does become angry, use conflict resolution techniques to de-escalate the situation. Respond, don’t react.
  • Choose your battles.
    • When people are rude or antagonizing on purpose, smiling and interacting with them at a surface level is best. They want to get a reaction out of you. And in my professional opinion. It’s just not worth it.
  • Maintain a sense of humor.
    • It is normal for a family to make jokes around and about each other. If the jokes are taken harshly, then stop. If any jokes about you cause discomfort, explain to the person privately.


  • Be considerate to others.
    • Your views are not the only ones that matter. Stop and think before you respond. Please consider how it could and would make the other person feel.

Even if conflict does break out, it’s important to remember families fight. Every member is their person, with different lifestyles and interests. And that’s ok because family means they’ll always be there for you, just like ANI. ANI’s family continues to grow into the new year in hopes that you may want to join us. Your family may have their lives, but you have yours. Now could be your chance to live it how you want! Let 2023 be your year! Apply to join the ANI family!

It’s our time to gather with the people we connect with the most. The people we know the best. Our families. Family can be anyone you choose for it to be. It’s who we’re with when we feel like we belong. No one should force themselves to wait until the holidays to feel that way! You deserve a career that reminds you how needed you are. A place where you feel a part of the family is always welcome. ANI would love for you to join our family! Grow into who you want to be and take control of your life.

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